Detox Green Juice

Hi everyone today I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes for a “digestive green juice.” It is full of fresh ingredients that will provide a boost of power to your overall digestive health. Lately within the diet culture there is a big influence towards juice cleansing, detox juices for weightloss, skin clarification juicing. And while all of these are great, it can be overwhelming when the industry is bombarding us with products but not giving us valuable information about the ingredients and nutrients that are found in them.

Im here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so complicated. You can make your very own natural green juice at home, drink it as a morning on-the-go breakfast option. Or just use it as a source of getting your fruits and veggie intake of the day. You do not have to go on a week long juicing detoxification. This recipe is one you can use on a regular basis to help with digestion.

Being a picky eater I was having trouble getting enough daily fruit intake. Not to mention I was always in a rush in the mornings to get to work so I needed something I could take with me. I had cut out a lot of the fruit juices sold in stores because in reality they are full of high processed sugars and provide very little nutrients. So I started making my own fruit smoothies.

I’ve tried my fair share of green juices, but sometimes they can be a little hard to swallow, literally. I experimented different ways to combine the fruits so that I was getting a lot of good flavor, without any of the added sugars, but with keeping all those important nutrients. One of my biggest inspirations for these flavors was actualy during my honeymoon. My husband and I traveled to Playa del Carmen for five of the best days ever of pure relaxation. But I have always been one to have some trouble with my digestion when I travel. One of the servers recommend I try their “Jugo Digestivo-” Digestive Juice. It was so fresh and delicious and just made me feel good overall. I knew I had to re-create it as soon as I got home.

What’s the Buzz About Green Juice

So what is the buzz about green juice anyway? Well if you choose your ingredients correctly it can have a great impact on your digestive health, that is- stomach, small and large intestines. And it can help in giving a boost to your eliminatory organs- liver, gallbladder and kidneys. 

Many of us have experienced a bloating, gassy state, or just simple discomfort in our intestinal region. Most of the time this is related to the types of foods we are consuming. Everything that goes into our mouth has to go through a long, slow process that is known as digestion. During this phase the breaking down nutrients occurs so that our body is able to absorb nutrients that can be used at a cellular level. But when we ingest foods that are highly processed, high in saturated fats, it can be a lot more difficult for our digestive system to properly break down the food to obtain the nutrients we need.

Sometimes this unbroken material, known as waste, gets trapped in our gut lining- stomach, small and large intestines- which in turn affects our eliminatory organs-liver, gallbladder and kidneys. All of these organs work together to process foods, digest nutrients, and eliminate waste that is no longer needed in our system.

Benefits of Regularly Drinking a Green Juice

So let me break down the list of ingredients I used for this green packed liquid gold, and the benefits they provide.

-Pinapple: Supports immune system, anti-inflammatory properties, and helps in healthy digestion- pineapple coontains enzymes that helps us break down our food making it easier to absorb the nutrients and pushing the food through our digestive tract.

-Lemon: Helps liver and kidneys to clean out our system of toxins, suppress appetite, supports the immune system, helps to clear skin of acne

-Kale: Part of the cruciferous greens family, high in anti-oxidants (cancer fighting nutrients), boosts liver heath, anti-inflammatory properties, high in fiber, protein and a variety of vitamins.

-Ginger: helps with digestion, supports heart and brain health, helps with intestinal bloating, boosts the immune system

-Celery: anti-inflammatory, helps with joint pain, helps with digestion, boosts kidney health

-Apple: Packed with fiber and vitamin C that is important for our immune system

-Cucumber: helps with hydration, healthy skin, healthy digestion, helps with joint pain.

**This juice is not meant as a detox! It helps boosts your body’s overall function and digestive health. I like to drink this on a regular basis at least 2 a week. It’s a great way to get my fruits and veggies in in the morning. And it has an amazing fresh flavor. I hope you will give this recipe a try, it is one of my favorites!

[lt_recipe name=”Digestive Green Juice” summary=”A fresh green juice packed with fruits and vegetables that with boost your overall health!” servings=”2- 8 oz glasses” total_time=”5 M” print=”yes” image=”http://www.thehoneydrizzle.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/DSC_0221.jpg” ingredients=”1/2 cup pineapple;1/2 green apple (with skin on);1/2 of a large cucumber-peeled (use a whole cucumber if it is smaller);1 celery stalks;1/2 cup fresh kale;1/2 tsp of fresh ginger ;Juice of 1/2 lemon (lime works the same);1 cup of water for blending* Optional -10 green grapes ( If you find the flavor a bit strong you can add grapes for a natural sweetener) ;;” ]1. I like to add all my ingredients- pineapple, cucumber, kale, celery, ginger, apple, lemon juice and water into my NutriBullet Blender and blend until smooth That’s it quick and simple! ;;*Some separation may occur, just blend with a spoon or metal straw. [/lt_recipe]




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